ICE #StudentBan

As of July 14th, ICE has rescinded its policy
How ICE is forcing international students to risk their lives to come back to hotspots and threatening deportation if their school is online-only

How does this affect around 1.2 million international students?

Link to the Original ICE Memo

Some of the effects include:
Deport students who are still here in the US who have online only classesMany can't go back because of their countries border banning people from enteringForce students to come back to campus and risk their lives to study on campus classesInternational students abroad that are planning to take classes online only may lose their F-1 status because of SEVP and ICE contradictory statements. This means they have to reapply for a new F-1 visa and wait 1 more year for CPT when they come backWaste thousands of dollars on housing, online tuition and medical care if contract COVID-19


Why is this important?

International students are here using the F-1 (commonly known as the student visa) which is a non-immigrant visa that allows for student to complete degree programs in the US such as high school, university and graduate schoolThere are around 1.2 million International students in the US International students contribute more than $40 billion to the US economyThey have to pay more in tuition and have a much higher cost of attendence than domestic studentsYou probably know someone who is an international student who will be affected by this. Reach out to them

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